prof pic“It’s about becoming a better you.  Not worrying about how you stack up to the person next to you, but how you will push yourself internally, to become a better you.  Making the daily decisions to create a better, stronger, and healthier you!   Keeping in mind, you have an ACSM-Certified Personal Trainer to support and guide you through this journey within.”

— Tom Burns, CPT, SGX.   Fyzical Fitness (Indianapolis)

FYZICAL FITNESSWe are located at 5841 Thunderbird Road, Suite I, Indianapolis, IN 46236.  Our standard offerings include 1:1 Medical Based Personal Training, Open Gym Enrollment, and Indy Spartan SGX group classes.  We also offer custom programs on an as-requested basis, which include Kids Camp and custom programs for groups (workplace, club, etc).  Whether you’re contemplating to start a regimen or would like to advance from your current fitness level, Fyzical Fitness is here for you. You will have the opportunity to be assessed by our ACSM-Certified Personal Trainer, and from there decide which exercise program is most appropriate for you.

Contact Tom Burns, CPT, SGX at (office) 317.723.6089, (mobile) 317.503.2297 or tburns@fyzical.com to further discuss your fitness goals.  

Basic Elements of Physical Fitness:

Here are some general terms you should become familiar with. To have a true balance of physical health, each element should be coordinated into a fitness plan. Our Group Classes are designed to incorporate each element. Personal Training custom programs begin with assessments to review each element, and then customizing a program based on your preferences and goals.

  1. Cardiorespiratory endurance – the ability of the heart, lungs, and circulatory system to supply oxygen and nutrients to the working muscles;
  2. Muscle strength – the maximal amount of force that can be produced by a muscle or muscle group;
  3. Muscle endurance – the ability of a muscle or muscle group to maintain submaximal force or repeated contractions over a period of time;
  4. Flexibility – the ability to move a joint through its full range of motion;
  5. Body composition – the relative amounts of fat and lean mass that contribute to body weight.

 Expanded elements of physical fitness would include focuses on speed, anaerobic power, coordination, agility, and reaction time.


  • Retail Price: $199.  A state-of-the-art diagnostic tool that measures the health and wellness of the muscles, joints, neurological systems, and overall functionality of the human body.  BodyQ provides a comprehensive evaluation measuring musculoskeletal function, range of motion, balance, hearing, and vision.  Upon completion, a referral for medical based fitness, physical therapy, or to your primary physician may be available, dependent upon individual results.  Click here to view a quick video.  BodyQ on You Tube

Personal Training:

  • Customized Personal Training:  5 sessions: $179, 10 sessions: $349,  15 sessions: $499  Review current health levels relative to the 5 elements of fitness listed above.  Then discuss client’s goals and why this is of interest now.  Initial baseline testing will be conducted via BodyQ (cost reduced to $49, on top of sessions purchase.)  Then, we will have one-to-one sessions lasting approximately 45-60 minutes, guiding you through exercise program specifics.  We will review your original objectives at various time intervals to ensure we are on track, or make any needed adjustments that may come up.  

Open Gym Membership:

  • Open Gym Membership:  Initial 3 months, $59 per month or $162 (10% savings) lump sum; followed by $59 per month (no additional time commitment required).  A program falling between direct personal training and an open, zero support monthly gym membership.  You will receive an initial BodyQ assessment, followed by an exercise plan to use in future visits to our facility.  Come in to work out independently, yet still have access to a Certified Personal Trainer as periodic questions may arise.  Contact us for more details.

Indy Spartan SGX :

  • INDY SPARTAN SGX (12 weeks):  NEXT PROGRAM BEGINS THE WEEK OF May 8th.  Modified to a 9 week program, leading directly into the July 9th Indianapolis Spartan Sprint Race.  We welcome SpartanSGX.OfficialTraining.men, women, and teenagers (14 years +), both newly back into fitness or an ongoing athlete. Classes are designed by CENTRAL INDIANA’s only SPARTAN SGX CERTIFIED COACH (as of 12/16/2015).  You will bend, crawl, carry, climb, hang, jump, lift, lunge, pull, push, run, sprint, squat, and twist.  This makes our program very unique, in preparing you for your next Spartan Race.

The program is designed specifically to allow progression through various phases over the course time frame.  View Spartan’s SGX page for more details.  While it is not required, most participants go through this program to prepare for their next Spartan Race (www.spartanrace.com).  Fyzical Fitness and Spartan Race are separate, independent business entities, and are not responsible for each other’s actions.

         Pricing choice for Indy Spartan SGX:  Coming soon!  EMAIL TOM BURNS AT tburns@fyzical.com to pre-register or get more details as they become available.

workout tourFyzical Fitness is a proud sponsor of the FREE Spartan Workout Tour, coming to the Lawrence community on May 21st.  Follow the link to register today!


As-Requested Programs:

  • Indy Spartan SGX — Kids Camp (4 days): Using exercise to teach today’s youth about transferable skills they can use at home, school, and in Spartan Kidssports.  $60 per child.  4 day camp, 90 minutes per day.  Price includes snacks and water.  Be sure to notify facility if your child has any food allergies.  5 – 10 kids per camp session.  Multiple day and time sessions can be created, based on level of interest.  Conversation will revolve around the 7 Pillars of Spartan, and how these apply to everyday situations.  Notify us if you have a group interested and we can provide a custom schedule for you.
  • Custom Programs.  For already created groups with a mutual fitness interest (workplace, club, etc).  Pricing, terms, and programs will be discussed on a per situation basis.  Contact Tom Burns, CPT, SGX at 317-503-2297 to discuss further.
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  • Community Involvement  We enjoy taking part in community events.  Some are the result of our pro-active searching for events to participate in.  However, we are also    open to considering support for events where a fitness component may be of value.  Some events will have a fee associated, and others may be a free voluntary basis if it’s for a good cause.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or interest.  Here are a few of the community events so far from 2015, and there are more lined up ahead.

Spartan Workout Tour Feb 2015SGX warm up317 RunFridays At The Fort

Indianapolis Spartan Workout Tour, Warm Ups @ Indianapolis Spartan Sprint Race, Run (317) 5k, Fridays At The Fort.

Enrollment, Payment, and Scheduling Policy:

Most classes will be held at our facility.  However, weather dependent, there may be classes available outside, at both our facility and nearby locations.  These will be announced to enrolled participants as they become available. Class sessions will follow scheduled days and times.  We may need to make periodic modifications, and reserve the right to do so.  Utilize our schedule link below to follow the available schedule.  We utilize the Mind Body Online website or Mind Body Connect smartphone app for enrollment, payments, day/time reservations, and check ins.  We can assist with website navigation, in person, upon request.

Mind Body Online

IMPORTANTShould there be no reservations for a particular session one hour prior to start time, that session will be considered cancelled for that day.  For class sessions starting prior to 8:01 AM EST, enrollment must be completed by 10:00 PM of the night prior.

Thank you for visiting our business page.  If you have any further questions, or would like to discuss future program interests, contact Tom Burns, CPT, SGX at 317.503.2297 or tburns@fyzical.com.

LEGAL DISCLOSURE:  Effective February 2, 2016.  Although located at the same facility address, EG Rehab Solutions LLC dba FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers, and Indy Hiit Fitt LLC dba FYZICAL Fitness are independent businesses, and are not responsible for each other’s actions or recommendations.  Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers offers a variety of Physical Therapy related services.  FYZICAL FITNESS offers personal training, group fitness, massage therapy, as well as retail store sales.  There may be staff working for both companies.  The business you’re enrolled with will be dependent on which of the above activities you are participating in.  If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask.